Yahweh is the (logos/guardian/elder brother/disciple/advocate/avatar) of the God Station and DNA/instructions of the UGE embryo. Yahweh was inserted into the universe from beyond with the mandate to administer its growth (this is its instinct, similar to the genetic growth programing of an embryo. )

He lays across the top of the aum and all things grow out through his chest like a world-tree, located inside of the Tabernacle, inside of the skull of the God Station. It is the Logos of the Ultimate God Entity, which has not yet been formed. At the moment, it acts as the administrator of the universe and oversees the birthing of the Ultimate God Entity. Yahweh is masculine energy. It is the Ideological Universal form of God and was born from the initial subatomic ordering of the universe.

Yahweh forms five avatars (the chambers from which these avatars emerge are the five fingers of the right hand of the God Station, and exist at the edge of the Silver City). They are Yahweh-Adonai, the god which inhabited the Garden of Iyden in the early days of Greater Men. This god had a pyramidal head with a single eye in its center, a large genderless body composed of black flesh and white light.


To guide the progress of humanity, Yahweh manifest himself as five avatars.

The first was Yahweh Brahma Yahweh Brahma was the god of Genesis

The second was Prometheus The third was Buddha The fourth was Christ The fifth will be the White Horseman (This is what is considered the rebirth of Christ)


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