Mu was a primordial island-continent off the eastern coast of what is now Japan. The continent was home to the garden of Iyden, center of the civilization of Great Men until it was removed from the earthly plane by Yahweh Brahma.

Geography and Geology

The continent was a round island roughly the size of China proper. The island was in the form of a single softly sloping mountain; at the top was the garden-city capitol of Iyden. From Iyden flowed the four rivers Pishon, Gihon, Hydekel and Ufretys, which divided the island into the three lands Havilah, Kush and Akad.

Iyden was a unique volcano which lacked a top vent, instead periodically expelling managable streams of smoke and lava from peripheral vents.

The Rivers

.h4 Pishon

Pishon was the eastern-flowing river which wound its way through the valley of Havilah which was so filled with precious stones that fragments of gold and various other precious metals gave the river a glimmering golden tint. Havilah was a gently sloping land and Pishon was the calmest of the four rivers.


Gihon flowed through the jagged land of Cush and contained two major waterfalls known as the Aymhal and the Valnoham. The river was known for its rapids, and only the bravest sportsmen amongst Adam’s song attempted to swim in its waves.



The Lands


Havilah was a valley through which the river Pishon flowed, and was the western-facing region of Mu. It was rich in precious metals, minerals and gems, including gold, bdellium, lapis lazuli, silver, electrum, diamonds, rubies, emeralds onyx, bronze and others. These materials were found in vast quantities in veins exposed to the surface, giving the entire countryside a glittering colorful quality.

The region was also volcanically active, with a good amount of obsidian-generating lava streams. This region was also one of those inhabited by the fallen angels


Kush was the most jagged and steepest side of the mountain, facing south south-west; the river Gihon flowed through it and the westward river Ufretys was its northern border. Here there was a large cavern which lead into the magma chamber within Mu.


The land of Akad was that one which faced north north-west and was settled by the children of Adam and


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