Early Life

First son of Lilith, his mother is Adam. Kayn was born in exile from Iyden in the land of Nod, raised by a monstrous wetnurse (his sister, Symnaha, the result of Lilith’s mating with a mudskipper) while Lilith roamed the countryside fornicating and reveling in hedonism. The abominations of Lilith’s womb were the half-siblings of Kayn, and as they were born she would send them to Kayn’s side. Kayn became their leader and protector. Lilith herself would sometimes visit her eldest son, and on these visits the boy was never spared her boundless lust.

Fleeing to Iyden

Around the age of forty, Kayn finally decided to escape his mother’s clutches and travel to Iyden

the invasion of Iyden


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