Iyden was the primordial home of the first of the Greater Men. Adamas was placed and split here by the Lord. It was the first city on Earth, and the center of civilization until its destruction at the hands of Lilith and her monstrous offspring some sixty years later.


Iyden was the first, capitol and greatest city on the island-continent of Mu off the eastern coast of what would later be known as Eurasia. Most of the continental mass of Mu was physically removed by Yahweh Brahma upon his leaving of the physical plane, its westermost remnant forms what is today Japan. The garden-city stood at the top of the tallest mountain at the center of the continent and the four rivers Pishon, Gihon, Hydekel and Ufretys, which divided the island into three lands: Havilah, Kush and Akad.

Construction and Structure

The city was build by angels, lead by the archangel Uriel. In this day, the concept of ‘city’ was inextricable from the idea ‘garden’. Homes were carved out of naturally wrought rock and massive trees.


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