Adam was the first male Great Man, half of the primordial siamese hermaphrodite Adamas (the other twin being Lilith).

Early Life

Adam was born fully adult, split from his twin sister Lilith with a mystic bolt of lightning from the hand of Yahweh Brahma about 150,000 years ago. Due to the ego cataclysm (a breaking of the barrier of reality by Lucifer, at exactly the same moment, elsewhere in the universe)

Life in Iyden

After the end of the theomachy a new wife was created from Adam’s body by Yahweh Brahma, Iyv. As Iyv was made of the same substance as Adam, their personalities were far more intune, though not nearly as streamlined as the original plan for humanity had entailed. With Iyv, Adam produced 28 sons, the first of which was Eybl, and thirty daughters.

Life in Avalon

Death After requesting Seth go to


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